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  • Can LFM tailor requirements to my needs?
    Yes we can; subject to availability and packaging restrictions, we can produce as needed. We can also pre-price and pack random weight packs if required.
  • What is your return policy?
    All products are packed to order and cross checked for quality and accuracy. We recommend checking your order on receipt, and if for any reason you notice a problem with your order, we ask that you contact us within 7 days. Dependent on logistical challenges, product will be collected for return.
  • Do you sell cheaper imported product?
    We specialise in Australian seafood, however, if you have a specific requirement, we may be able to assist. At this stage there is no plan to pack imported products. The ‘little fish market’ brand is all about promoting and offering a quality Australian option (and the occasional NZ option).
  • Do I need to take on a freezer, or can I use my own?"
    You are welcome to provide your own freezer. We have a commitment to only supply one site per town so we would just try and work with you to get the best sales outcome from having a LFM in your store. If you have a freezer that requires a professional LFM branded wrap we can work with you to accommodate the request where possible.
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